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Hrithik's red-hot new girl,"Esha Gupta"

It seems like searching for Hrithik's leading lady in Krrish 2 has become a game of musical chairs that will not end. A role which has some grey shades to it had been offered to Kangna Ranaut and Sonakshi Sonakshi at first but both of them refused to be part of the film.

Eventually, Chitrangda Singh accepted it only to walk out suddenly citing date problems (read tiff with the Roshans). And finally, when we heard the news of Jacqueline Fernandez pairing up with Duggu little did we know she'll depart soon as well making way for a newbie and a popular model Esha Gupta.

Esha won the Miss India International title in 2007, and represented the country in the Miss International 2007 contest. She has also featured in the Kingfisher calendar.

Her sex appeal had earlier won her a role in Bhatt's Jannat 2, which Prachi Desai and Paoli Dam were considered for.

Buoyant with her recent project fishing Esha considers herself as a serious contender for THE next Bollywood babe title.

"I think I'm going to make it really big. So I don't need a back-up plan. I might model till the age of 34 or 35, but by that time I will be already settled and have a family," she told a leading daily.

But when asked about how she plans to tackle the competition from star kids, and other models crossing over into B-town, she said: "I enrolled in an acting school and have been brushing up on my dancing skills. Fortunately, I have a good handle on my Hindi diction. But times are changing - on one hand we have models who have done really well onscreen and then there are actors who can't act."

"I guess it's easy to break into the industry, but not easy to make it big. I've been lucky because I got the best project," she added.

Spielberg confirms 'Jurassic Park 4'

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg has confirmed that he is working on the fourth instalment of "Jurassic Park" and that the sequel will be an improvement from the last one, which was released in 2001.

"The screenplay is being written right now by Mark Protosevich. I'm hoping that will come out in the next couple of years. We have a good story. We have a better story for IV than we had for III, " contactmusic. com quoted the 64-year-old as saying.

Based on the best-selling Michael Crichton novel, "Jurassic Park" was a cult in itself and went on to gross $350 million in the US when released in 1993.

Starring Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, the movie spawned two sequels.

Rakhi seeks Anna Hazare's help for her 'Choos Le' song

When Rakhi Sawant is angry, not many in the country can have the guts to stop her! The latest to face the ire of Bollywood’s biggest firecracker, is none other than the Censor Board, for having bleeped out the words ‘Choos Le’ (suck) from her song ‘Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le’ in her upcoming film Loot.

Rakhi insists that though the words could be controversial in nature when singled out, in her song, they have been used aptly and with the right connotations, without any vulgar or offensive meaning.

“If the Censor Board can pass songs like ‘Bhaag D.K. Bose’ (Delhi Belly) and ‘Jhak Maar Ke’ (Desi Boyz), why should they have a bias towards my song ‘Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le.’ Why am I being targeted by the Board, whereas John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan can get away with it,” Rakhi questions.

But since the Censor Board is in no mood to listen, Rakhi has decided to march straight up to India’s most famous anti- corruption crusader Anna Hazare with her plea.

Confirming this, her publicist Dale Bhagwagar says, “It is true that Rakhi has decided to approach Anna Hazare. She is currently doing her research on songs which she considers vulgar and objectionable.”

He adds, “She plans to carry their videos and CD’s to Mr Hazare’s village Ralegan Siddhi in Ahmednagar. Rakhi wants Mr Hazare to judge for himself, whether her song ‘Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le’ is vulgar compared to the others passed by the Censor Board.”

Just for the record, the lyrics of Rakhi’s song read, “Main russ malaai hoon, jannat se aayee hoon, saamne parosi hoon, aake choos le… hey… saiyaan jawani ki bank loot le.”

Celebrities: Caught on camera

With every appearance watched and noted, celebrities have to live their lives appearing at their best — both physically and morally — or they risk a backlash as adulation turns to demonisation. However, more often are the times when standards slip and some surprising behaviour comes through.

One such case risking the wrath of his fans is Omar Sharif. The 79-year-old veteran actor was caught on video apparently slapping a persistant fan at an awards show in Qatar, revealed British newspaper the Daily Mail. Sharif, present at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, rebuked a woman for queue-jumping. “My dear!” Sharif exclaimed in Arabic, as translated by the Washington Post, “I told you I’d get to you afterwards! I just said that and you’re standing here. Put something in your brain!” While his alleged blow was not seen from the camera’s position behind the woman’s head, celebrity gossip website TMZ quoted an unnamed journalist present as tweeting “Omar Sharif just hit a woman. Very stupidly, in front of a camera.”

Afterwards, however, Sharif became calmer and posed with the embarrassed looking — but still smiling — fan. The incident has led to much reflection on Sharif’s past bursts of violence — in 2003, he was convicted of violence towards a police officer in France, and in 2007 pleaded no contest to charges of battery against a parking attendant in the US.

Also catching attention for his behaviour — albeit ending up on the receiving end of aggression — was American singer Usher. He was confronted by an angry woman after apparently parking in a disabled bay, according to TMZ. Like the incident with Sharif, Usher’s confrontation was captured on video by an onlooker.

The R&B singer was accosted by a woman at a shopping centre in Atlanta near a Halloween parade after he took the liberty of parking his SUV in a handicapped spot. The video reavealed that the woman, apparently angered by the (able-bodied) singer’s illegal parking, approached his car and reportedly sprayed beer from a can at Usher while he was still sitting in the driver’s seat with the window down. Usher retaliated and splashed the woman with his water bottle, which prompted her to kick his driver’s side door until he exited the car, TMZ said. The woman angrily shouted, “You don’t belong here!” and repeatedly lunged at him, before being pulled away by her husband.

However, while Sharif and Usher would undoubtedly prefer their fans not seeing them in less-than-ideal situations, Hollywood actor Demi Moore went the exact same way. Moore has been accused of lashing out at a photographer, who followed her on a trip to a nail salon in Los Angeles, reported
On October 28, while exiting Jessica Nail Clinic in West Hollywood’s Sunset Plaza, Moore lashed out at a photographer when he approached her for a picture. She is said to have hurled obscenities at him before reportedly lunging at his camera, stunning on-lookers recalled.

An eyewitness disclosed to that the paparazzo “physically jumped in front of [Demi], basically entrapping her, pushing his body and camera into her so she couldn’t walk or move.” The photographer also added, “Demi was crazy; she was totally losing it. I was just standing on the sidewalk, trying to get a few shots of her and she was going completely mad. She tried to jump on me and swipe my camera.” The actor, it’s said, is in stress following reports that her marriage to Ashton Kutcher is falling apart.

'The Adventures of Tintin' gets mixed reviews overseas

LOS ANGELES: "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn," Steven Spielberg's 3-D take on Georges Remi's treasured comic books, is already a hit overseas with audiences. But what about the critics?

Overseas opinionators vary wildly in their assessments, with some heaping on the praise and one British critic reacting violently against it.

In Belgium, where the comic books originated, the newspaper Le Soir, takes a positive view of the film -- we think. According to the translation program we ran their review through, "The Adventures of Tintin" is "a popular and general public film, which alternates in a tasty way the exotic film of adventure, play of track Hitchcockian and the picaresque comedy."

So ... it's eclectic?

Alas, the film earned a huge thumbs-down from the Guardian's literary critic, Nicholas Lezard. A self-professed lifelong Tintin fan, Lezard likens the film to a sexual assault.

"Coming out of the new Tintin film directed by Steven Spielberg, I found myself, for a few seconds, too stunned and sickened to speak; for I had been obliged to watch two hours of literally senseless violence being perpetrated on something I loved dearly," Lezard writes. "In fact, the sense of violation was so strong that it felt as though I had witnessed a rape."

In France, Spielberg's interpretation of Tintin appears to be considered tres bien. L'Express lauds the filmmaker for crafting an adaptation that isn't afraid to break with Remi's vision, but remains lovingly faithful in its own way.

Spielberg allows to reinvent certain sides of history, and to make some winks," the paper notes. Even so, the review adds, "One feels all the affection which it carries to its characters."

France's Cinema Teaser praises the film's "sublime" opening-credits sequence, as well as the much-ballyhooed technology behind the film. It says that "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" proves "that the performance capture can definitively cause life when it is used by a large scenario writer."

England's Empire Online also makes special note of the film's performance-capture technology, noting that it lends itself to "endless chase sequences." However, the review concludes that it's the heart beating underneath the bells and whistles that makes "The Adventures of Tintin" a captivating read.

"You have a job keeping up, but never at the expense of the sheer goodwill," the review posits. "While luxuriating in its pre-existing universe, here is a film imploring you to join in. It would take a hard heart to resist."

Overall, Empire concludes, "The Adventures of Tintin" is "action-packed, gorgeous, and faithfully whimsical." (Reuters)

Kareena Kapoor’s wax statue unveiled

LONDON: Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor finally came face to face with her brand new wax figure at Madame Tussauds Blackpool on Thursday, October 27th.

The unveiling marked the launch of the attraction’s all new Bollywood exhibition, which will be at Madame Tussauds until January 2012.

The look of her wax statue, which was widely discussed in the industry and amongst fans, is from the popular song ‘Mauja Mauja’ from Jab We Met, a film that changed Kapoor’s career.

The actress arrived on the red carpet with her mother Babita Kapoor, a former Bollywood actress to unveil her statue.

Enjoy the pictures of Heather Graham on the beach in Ischia

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